Thursday 13th December 2018,

Barry Zito Announces His Retirement


After 14 years in the Bigs, Barry Zito has decided to call it a career. Zito was a 3-time all star and the 2002 American League Cy Young winner for the A’s. He was also one of the guys that made the $100M+ contract a thing in baseball. His 7-year, $126M pact with the Giants some years back was something we hadn’t really seen from a pitcher.

Barry Zito announced his retirement on The Player’s Tribune

I’m retiring today from baseball, but I’ll never be too far away from the game that made me who I am. I am beyond thankful to be at peace with walking away, thanks in large part to my year of renewal in Nashville with the Sounds. My return to Oakland last month was a “cherry on top” moment in my life that my family and I will never forget. I will no doubt be in the stands on both sides of the Bay in years to come.

H/T: player’s tribune

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