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Book Review: A Glove of Their Own

A Glove of Their Own

November 7, 2009 – Peter Schiller

If you think that youth baseball today has gotten too competitive and structured with All Star Leagues and travel teams, allow me to bring you back to a simpler time. Have any of you ever played just for the fun of the game in a non-league setting? Do you remember playing pick-up games with less than two full teams and having to create new rules to compensate or having to play in either a sandlot or a plain field? If you have, you probably also relate to the storyline illustrated throughout this book.

A Glove of Their Own is a story of friends getting together on a regular basis to play for the love of the game. It’s a story of playing with what you have readily available even if it means sharing gloves, if you had a glove at all, and being thankful just for that! It’s also a reminder of what baseball is all about: teamwork, fair play and the thrill of the game.

Find out the sweet reward the kids in this story receive for keeping the heart of the game alive by purchasing this instant classic! This large hardcover childrens book is beautifully illustrated and authored by three ladies from the North Jersey Shore. It was written in a poetic rhyme that works in both engaging the reader while not compromising the story.

All proceeds, depending on where you buy it, benefit such charities as Pitch In for Baseball, Good Sports and sponsored by former MLB players Sean Casey, Craig Biggio, Dick Drago, Jack Perconte and others.

Your charity can join these by contacting Coach Bob Salomon and agreeing to Pay It Forward for this great cause. I have!

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I am also affiliated with a great cause, a children’s book with a great message called, “A Glove of Their Own”. Everyone who purchases a copy of this great book using the promotional code PIF 129, a $3.00 donation will be made when purchased through the Franklin Mason Press website for Pitch In For Baseball at checkout. You can purchase a copy by following the link at their website



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