Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Braves Fire Manager Fredi Gonzalez

Braves Fire Manager Fredi Gonzalez

Fredi Gonzalez

Not that long ago, the Atlanta Braves were a fixture in the postseason and the obvious choice for NL East division winner each year. But their luck has reversed of late and are a team that is rebuilding.

They are owners of baseball’s worst record, at 9-28, and they are now looking for a new mangers. The club relieved Fredi Gonzalez of his managerial duties on Tuesday, in a move that had been rumored for quite some time now.

Naturally, all of this isn’t Gonzalez’s fault. There has been quite a bit of personnel flux on the roster over the past few seasons, so he could only do so much. But, of course, someone has to go and you can’t fire the manager.

Brian Snitker will move up from his Triple-A Gwinnett managerial position to serve as interim Braves manager. Gonzalez learned he had been fired late Monday, but an announcement wasn’t made until Tuesday afternoon.


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