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Cafardo: The Red Sox Really Stink, And It’s Time To Blow Up Their Roster

July 27, 2012 – Evan Stambaugh

Let’s face it, the Boston Red Sox stink. If they don’t make the postseason this year, it’ll be three consecutive years of disappointment. But have no fear, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe thinks he has the solution for the Sox. He wants them to undergo a roster makeover, stating that “it may be expensive. It may require a lot of creativity in trying to move the unwanted parts. But this roster simply doesn’t work anymore.”

More from his article:

What is the common denominator over the last three seasons? The roster hasn’t changed all that much except for the fill-ins who come along when there are injuries. The Red Sox saddled themselves with poor free agent signings in John Lackey, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Mike Cameron, Carl Crawford, and Bobby Jenks and the good ones – Victor Martinez, Adrian Beltre, and Jason Bay — left as free-agents.

The players this team has to depend on most – the top of the rotation starters like Josh Beckett and Jon Lester – have let them down.

The only constants among the regulars have been David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez. Jarrod Saltalamacchia has been effective in his short time here and is a guy who really cares.

Jacoby Ellsbury is an excellent player when he’s on the field, but one who will likely not re-sign here when his free agency comes along after next season. Too much time being injured and rehabbing don’t exactly make him a candidate for a huge deal.



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