Wednesday 10th February 2016,

Cards Beat The Nats, Go Up 2-1 In The Series. Guess Who Pitches Thursday To Salvage The Nats’ Season? Ross Detwiler…

The first postseason baseball game since 1933 for Washington was held today, but it didn’t turn out well at all. The St. Louis Cardinals scored one run in the first and three in the second en route to an 8-0 win over the Nationals. This means that the Nats are down 2-1 in the series, and Thursday’s Game 4 might end for the team who finished with the best record in baseball.

If Washington hadn’t shut down Stephen Strasburg, then there would’ve been the possibility of him pitching this Game 4, which would make Nats fans feel pretty comfortable about staying alive. Guess who’s pitching instead? Some guy named Ross Detwiler, who wasn’t too bad of a pitcher in the regular season, but is still not as intimidating as Strasburg. So, Nats fans are most likely nervous about Thursday.

If St. Louis wins, all the talk on Friday will be centered around Washington shutting down Strasburg and why it was a bad idea. I’m callin’ it.



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