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Which One of Derek Jeter’s Girlfriends Helped His Game the Most?

December 3, 2010 – Evan Hill

Derek Jeter is getting old and his skills are declining. His contract is up in New York, but the Yankees, realizing he’s the face of the franchise, have offered Jeter $45 Million over three seasons. But the 36-year-old reportedly wants more. The Yankees won’t give in, and it appears the two sides are currently at a standstill.

If Jeter wants to get the money he feels he deserves, he’s going to have to focus on what makes him most successful. And that would be–just like any other rich, talented, handsome athlete–all the beautiful women he’s dated. Though the future Hall-of-Famer has been extremely consistent throughout his career, there have been minor statistical fluctuations. If he wants a bigger paycheck, he better study the pattern and pick the right girlfriend before it’s too late. So let’s take a look at the women of Derek Jeter’s life, and see how they affected his stats–for better or worse.

Mariah Carey

Resume: Megastar in the 90’s, Singer, “Actress”, currently married to Nick Cannon.

Jeter’s ’96 Season: Though he played in a few games in ’95, 1996 was Jeter’s rookie season, as well as his first year with Carey. He started 157 games, hit .314, and led the Yankees to their first World Series title in 18 years. He was voted Rookie-of-the-Year by a landslide. Ah, young love.

After their breakup, Jeter dabbled in some singers, models and Miss Universe (ho hum), until he met…

Adriana Lima

Resume: Brazilian Supermodel– Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline, currently married to Los Angeles Clippers Guard Marko Jaric.

Jeter’s ’03 Season: It’s no coincidence Derek only played 119 Games in 2003–his fewest in a season, ever. If I were dating Adriana Lima, I too would lose interest in baseball. Hell, it’s a wonder the guy even remembered to eat. Despite missing a chunk of the season, Yankee Owner George Steinbrenner named Jeter the 11th Yankee Captain of all time.  Derek was so honored he responded “My girlfriend is Adriana Lima.” They lost the World Series to the Marlins, and Jeter moved on to an actress.

Jessica Alba

Resume: Actress, consistently placed at the top of various “hottest women” lists including MaximFHM andPeople.

Jeter’s ’04 Season: While his Batting Average and On-Base Percentage declined, he had one of his biggest power seasons, cranking 23 HRs. Clearly Alba ignited a swing-for-the-fence mentality in the Yankee Captain. He made his sixth All-Star appearance that year, but the relationship fizzled out after he saw her performance in The Fantastic Four.

Jessica Biel

Resume: Actress, second known girl named Jessica to date Derek Jeter, currently with Justin Timberlake.

Jeter’s ’06 Season: This was Jeter’s best season in the last ten years. The face of the franchise did everything right. He hit for power, got on base at an absurd clip of .417, and even stole 34 bases–all while playing good (though somewhat overrated) defense. Jeter was so honed in on his game that it leads me to believe Jessica Biel ranked quite low on the “Jeter Scale” (in which the average man’s ten is a Derek Jeter two), causing an off-season breakup.

Gabrielle Union

Resume: Actress, Model, currently dating Miami Heat Guard Dwayne Wade.

Jeter’s ’07 Season: While he had another strong year, the stats were nowhere near as good as 2006. Then, Jeter had arguably the worst post-season of his career, as the Yankees fell to the Indians in four games. Some say it was his age catching up to him. Others claim he reached that point we all reach when we ask “why am I always up to my neck in beautiful women?” Hoping to return to his former glory, Jeter called it quits with Union.

Minka Kelly

Resume: Actress–Star of NBC’s Friday Night Lights, rumored to be engaged to Derek Jeter himself.

Jeter’s ’10 Season: After rumors of the couple’s engagement spread in January of this year, speculation swirled over how the Captain would react to being tied down. NOT WELL. Jeter had what was easily his worst season, posting career lows in Batting Averarge, OBP and SLUG, as well as HRs. Somewhere between picking out a ring and choosing a best man (Nick Swisher?), Jeter forgot how to hit.

So who should Derek Jeter be with? His only poor season came while he was in the grasp of Minka Kelly, so clearly she has to go. And if he can’t stay on the field while dating Victoria’s Secret models, then Adriana Lima’s no option either. Jeter made his name on big postseason moments–something he wasn’t able to accomplish while Gabrielle Union was around. And now that Mariah Carey is married with child, I think we can count her out. So, It comes down to one of the two Jessica’s, and judging by the numbers, Biel seems to be the best fit. Sounds like Jeter is going to have to take one for the pocketbook, and settle for Maxim Magazine’s 11th hottest woman alive.

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