Saturday 19th January 2019,

Fan Throws Beer Can at Kim as He Catches Fly Ball

Fan Throws Beer Can at Kim as He Catches Fly Ball

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Sadly, it happened again.

For the second time in two years debris was thrown onto the field during the Jays game.

During the bottom of the seventh inning in Tuesday’s American League Wild Card Game, a fan threw a beer can and nearly hit Baltimore Orioles left fielder Hyun Soo Kim as he got set to field a Melvin Upton fly ball.

Kim made the play, but center fielder Adam Jones got into a shouting match with fans whom he claims shouted racial slurs at both him and Korean Hyun Soo Kim.

“We’re horrible, we get it, we’re the opponent, we completely understand that but to throw something at a player, that’s just as pathetic as it gets,” Jones told reporters.

Jones did add that he hopes charges are pressed against the fan who threw the beer can.

“To put us in harm’s way when all we are doing is focusing on baseball, that’s just not part of the game,” he said.

Fans also took to twitter to speak out against the inexcusable behavior portrayed by that fan.

Toronto police are now looking into the incident. The fan had already left their seat when officers arrived at their row, but they are working to track down the person responsible.

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