Wednesday 10th February 2016,

Great Moments in 2012 Major League Baseball History

With the 2012 season behind us, there are lots of folks taking account of just what made this season a unique one.  What were the greatest moments in Major League Baseball this year?  Here are a few that stand out:

Perfect Pitchers Reigned. There were three perfect games thrown this year. The White Sox’s Philip Humber, San Francisco’s Matt Cain, and Felix Hernandez of the Mariners all became part of the club of pitchers who have thrown 23 perfect games in Majors History.

R.A. Dickey does it again.  The infamous knuckleball king shined against the Orioles when he shut out thirteen batters in a single game on June 18, 2012 in his second straight one-hitter for the season.

The Tigers celebrate a Triple Crown.   The MLB playoffs saw Michael Cabrera led the AL with a .330 batting average, 139 RBIs, and 44 home runs.

Josh Hamilton makes history.  The Rangers outfielder hit four home runs in a single game on May 8 against the Orioles on their home field during a one-game wild-card round.

Jamie Moyer makes it work.  In April, at the age of 49, this current free agent and 25-year majors veteran became the oldest pitcher ever to win a major league game.  Fans of the Colorado Rockies cheered as he did so against the Padres.

The A’s take the West Division Title. The A’s took advantage of wildcard status with a win against the Texas Rangers on October 1 that led to an improbable-at-the-least Division Title.

Fenway Park Celebrates 100 years.  The iconic location met its centennial season this year, and the future of America’s oldest working ballpark looks very bright indeed.

Yes, 2012 has come and gone, but great moments like these won’t soon be forgotten… and diehard fans are already clamoring about the possibilities for the 2013 season. What would you like to see this year?

The following guest post was written by Michael Hare, the owner of League Pitching Machines, a baseball and softball pitching machine company based in Rochester, NY. Michael is passionate about baseball and is thrilled to contribute to The Dugout Doctors Blog.



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