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I Really Like Mike Trout, But…

September 19, 2012 – Evan Stambaugh

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… Miguel Cabrera should win the AL MVP over him.

Cabrera’s right in the hunt for being a Triple Crown winner this year. He currently leads the AL in batting average and RBI, and he’s only two home runs behind Josh Hamilton for the league lead. The Triple Crown has only been achieved 12 times in the history of baseball, and it was most recently won by Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.

I think anyone who wins the Triple Crown automatically deserves to win the MVP in their respective league…

… however, what if Cabrera doesn’t win the Triple Crown this year? Should he still win the MVP?

Yes would be my answer. We already know Cabrera leads the league in batting average and RBI, but he also has a higher OPS than Trout. OPS is one of the best stats to use to evaluate how productive baseball players are. While Trout still has an amazing OPS at .954, Cabrera’s is at a whopping 1.008.

If I had a vote for the AL MVP, count me in as voting for Cabrera. As for Trout, if I could, I would vote for him to be MLB’s Rookie of the Year.

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