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In The Wake Of Melky Cabrera’s PED Use, Kirk Gibson Calls For Tougher Penalties On Dopers

August 16, 2012 – Evan Stambaugh

Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson weighed in with his opinion on the Melky Cabrera situation. What he basically said is that Major League Baseball should take a bigger stance on players using PEDs.

The rule is that if you fail one drug test, you’re suspended 50 games. If you fail the second drug test, you receive a 100 game suspension. Then if you’re stupid enough to continue using PEDs and fail a third drug test, you’re banned. Gibson thinks that the first failed drug test should result in a suspension that lasts a year and that the second failed drug test results in a ban. Therefore, he believes that Cabrera should be suspended for an entire year.

“I don’t have an exact number,” Gibson said. “I think it should be a minimum of a year (for a first positive) and after that it should just be banned.”

Maybe Major League Baseball should at least consider doing something similar or the same as Gibson’s idea of penalties on dopers. Obviously this 50 game suspension is not repelling players from using PEDs. But then again, Gibson’s idea still might not deter PED use either.

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