Tuesday 22nd January 2019,

Jealous Girlfriend Hacks Delmon Young’s Facebook

delmon young

It’s been a rough few weeks for Delmon Young. Earlier this month, Young was arrested for allegedly choking and threatening a valet in Miami. Then on Monday night, his facebook was hacked by a jealous girlfriend.

The girlfriend, Yuli Alfonso, alternated between writing posts as herself and as Young on his account. She was apparently angry that Damon Young celebrated Valentine’s Day with a different girl.

1 Delmon Young

Delmon Young redo2

Then things got really interesting when one of Young’s other girlfriends decided join the conversation.

Delmon Young Tiff

3 Delmon Young

4 Delmon Young

5 Delmon Young

6 Delmon Young

7 Delmon Young

Delmon Young, you’d better keep your distance, she’s trouble.

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