Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Jorge Posada Rips Yankees in New Book

posadayanksFormer athletes writing a tell-all book is nothing new, but will always be interesting. Jorge Posada’s last season with the Yankees was 2011, the year where he was removed from being the Yankees’ everyday catcher. Some four years later, Posada is still upset about it and decided to get some of that off his chest in a new book he’s penning.

“I’ll put this as plainly as a I can. When you take me out from behind the plate, you’re taking away my heart and my passion . . . I knew that my role with the club was changing, but I don’t think that anyone making those decisions knew how much the things being done hurt me . . . To have even that taken away from me without adequate explanation, hurt me and confused me . . . I felt like I wasn’t being treated right, that people weren’t always being as straightforward with me as I wanted them to be or treating me as I deserved to be treated, and I exploded.”

H/T: NY Daily News

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