Thursday 13th December 2018,

Jose Reyes Arrested For Alleged Domestic Assault


Ever since being dealt by the first place Blue Jays to the Rockies, we haven’t really heard a whole lot out of Jose Reyes. That has all changed and it’s not for the better. Jose Reyes was arrested on Halloween in Hawaii for an alleged domestic incident involving his wife.

Jose Reyes and his wife, Katherine, were allegedly arguing in their Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea room that afternoon.

His wife told responding officers that Reyes grabbed her off the bed and shoved her. Sources say she also told police that he grabbed her throat and shoved her into the sliding glass balcony door.

Security called police and Reyes was arrested for abuse of a family or household member. He was released on bail.

Reyes’ wife told police she had injuries to her thigh, neck, and wrist. She was taken to the Maui Memorial Medical Center.

It’s amazing that in 2015, in the social media age, that something like this can be unknown by the public for nearly two weeks. Especially for someone as high profile as Jose Reyes. But what’s of importance here is safety of everyone involved.

The Rockies had this to share on Twitter:


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