Thursday 13th December 2018,

Mets Sign Tim Tebow to Minor League Contract

Mets Sign Tim Tebow to Minor League Contract


After drawing interest from the Braves, following his workout in front of baseball scouts, the Mets announced today that they are signing Tim Tebow to a minor league contract. In fact, he’s be with the instructional league, playing this fall.

If you’re looking for Tebow on a big league roster, don’t hold your breath just yet. This deal doesn’t guarantee that by any means. It simply means a club is interested enough to bring him in and try to develop him to see what he becomes. Low risk for the Mets, minus the public scrutiny.

As for anyone misguidedly wondering about the impact on the Mets in 2016, there is zero. Instructional leagues are where teams start the earliest stages of development on players either needing experience or long-injured players go to get back some game speed during their rehab process. Generally speaking, a player like Tebow in instructionals is far, far away from hitting the majors.

As for the notion that Tebow might somehow be “taking someone else’s spot,” he’s not. Spots in instructionals aren’t limited and most of the game action isn’t even limited to regular game-type situations. The at-bats aren’t really limited, nor is the time spent on any given individual.

H/T: CBS Sports

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