Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Red Sox May Bench Pablo Sandoval Until He Loses Weight

Red Sox May Bench Pablo Sandoval Until He Loses Weight

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Pablo Sandoval’s weight has truly become its own thing. Although the Red Sox have never publicly made a statement about his ballooning weight, they’re no doubt thinking about it. And the fact that he came into spring training as big as he was can be perceived as him not taking his career seriously.

But have the Red Sox had enough? The Red Sox are reportedly heavily considering benching the third baseman until he sheds some pounds. He’s on the disabled list now due to a shoulder injury, and that may be the team’s excuse to keep him there until he shapes up.

Truthfully, they probably haven’t really missed him much this year. He’s already spent some time on the bench, as Travis Shaw has filled in nicely. But the team no doubt would like to see some return on their investment.

Here’s how ugly it has gotten, major league sources told Yahoo Sports: Sandoval wants to stay in Boston only if he can play every day, and the Red Sox have no intention of playing him unless he loses weight and others in their current lineup struggle.

H/T: Yahoo

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