Wednesday 22nd May 2019,

Rob Manfred “Open to Change” on Fan All-Star Voting

manfredNine players are needed to field baseball team and as of today, eight members of the Kansas City Royals are slated to start next month’s all-star game if voting ended today. Ever since their surprise World Series appearance last year, the Royals have been a popular team. But even so, eight starters is sort of ridiculous and it has a lot to do with the fact that fans vote for starters.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says he’s open to discussing change in the voting process. Especially since this game determines home-field advantage in the World Series.

We have 16 days left,” he said. ”Lots of years we’ve worried about lots of things about fan voting, but in general fans have done a good job.
”We’ll see how it all turns out. … We are responsive and open to change if we get a result that is not consistent with the goals of the system that is in place.”


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