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Ryan Braun: Guilty of Being Not Guilty

February 24, 2012 – Matt De Lima

The Ryan Braun controversy has carved a line dividing baseball fans… and it should. Unfortunately for Braun, most baseball fans are against performance-enhancing drugs.

The mood of the room, so to speak, is that getting off on a technicality doesn’t make Braun innocent, it only makes him not guilty, a distinction baseball fans will never forgive or forget. It’s a shame, really. Braun, a five year vet with the Milwaukee Brewers, had been the consummate superstar for a new generation of fans. He hit for power and average. He was the 2007 Rookie of the Year and a MVP last season. The guy had it made.

Now, nearly the entire sport has turned against him. ESPN, the ever-vigilant narrative crafting organization that they are, has come down firmly on Major League Baseball’s side of this ruling. Decisions like this are becoming surprising enough to bet on them at sportsbooks like our boys at TopBet Sportsbooks. Braun has certainly embarrassed Major League Baseball, even though MLB did it to themselves. Braun lawyered up and won. That’s the American way if there ever was such a thing. But this holier than thou society we live in will not give Braun a free pass. Players are held to a certain standard and even being mentioned in the same paragraph as PEDs makes you guilty for life in the eyes of many.

The truth of the matter, which no one seems to be addressing, is that no one can say with absolute certainty that Braun was guilty of cheating. Regardless, this controversy will forever loom over his career.

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