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The Top 5: Stadiums in MLB

February 9, 2011

Sometimes you just don’t care who’s playing. You don’t care what the score is and you don’t care how many strikeouts the pitcher has. Instead, you care about the smell of the grass, the leg room in front of you, and the seventh inning stretch. You just want to sit in the sun and breath in the fresh summer air while you drink a $9 beer.

That’s why this week’s list is:

The Top 5: Stadiums in MLB

Dan Sweatt

1. Wrigley Field – It’s a no brainer for me. The Called Shot, Bartman, Rookie Of The Year; the sport’s biggest moments happened here.
2. Fenway Park – The house that the Idiots built; it’s legendary.
3. Yankee Stadium – It’s kind of like Disney World; it’s over the top, it’s gaudy, and you really wish you had it in your city.
4. Turner Field – I cannot stand the team that plays there, but a nice suit on a turd is still a nice suit.
5. AT&T Park – A splashdown bomb to right field (pictured left) is arguably the most picturesque blast in the game right now, so the Giants’ abode gets my nod here.

Evan Hill

1. Wrigley Field – HISTORY! There’s just something about going to a stadium that has been around for just short of a full century. It adds a whole new aspect to the game.
2. Fenway Park – HISTORY! (see above)
3. Petco Park – Maybe it’s because you’re watching a game in the middle of an always perfect climate, but this place is fantastic.
4. Miller Park – A retractable roof, perfect dimensions, great seating, a giant slide and a sausage race. What’s not to love?
5. Safeco Field – I’m a sucker for retractable roofs, what can I say?

Michael Ferrera

1. Fenway Park – I’m from Massachusetts. So speaking objectively, this is a unique ball park with an incredible amount of history. Speaking subjectively, Fenway Pahhhk is tha greatest pahhk in the waaahhld.
2. Wrigley Field – I took my Mom to a game here and she leaned over to me during the 6th inning and said, “This is the way you’re supposed to watch baseball.”
3. AT&T Park – I enjoy watching grown men in kayaks fight over home run balls.
4. Dodger Stadium – There was a stretch in the early 2000’s when it felt like the Dodgers were on Sunday Night Baseball every week (right around 2001 when Paul Lo Duca almost had more HRs than SOs). Watching a night game from Dodgers Stadium makes me think of those summers.
5. Nationals Park – It’s brand new, but I think it’s a pretty nice place to watch a game (pictured right). There were no T-Shirt cannons while I was there.

Obviously, a number of stadiums didn’t make our lists. Anything you take issue with? Throw your own list in the comments section below. We’ll be back next week with an all new top 5.

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  • Rob

    Obviously, these are subjective lists colored by individual experiences, but it is really odd to see three such lists and not see PNC, Camden Yards or Citi Field on any of them.

  • Justin

    I think your lists are a little skewed by history. The fact that you left Citizens Bank off you lists discredits this tremendously.

  • TheReviewer

    Awesome that Fenway is on all three lists…and number one on one of them!

  • me