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The Worst Baseball Mascots Ever

October 3, 2011 – Robbie Clark

Not every baseball mascot is created equal. Some are creepy, odd or some derivation that just doesn’t catch on with the fans. Here are the worst of the worst baseball mascots.

Dandy (New York Yankees)

Dandy is the short-lived mascot the Yankees would prefer you forget. He was introduced in 1979 to compete with the newly popular Philly Phanatic and his mustache was designed to invoke the image of Thurman Munson. But just a few weeks before Dandy was to debut, Yankees outfielder Lou Piniella got in a fight with the San Diego Chicken. And just a few days after Dandy’s first appearance, Munson died tragically and suddenly in a plane crash. Not wanting this mascot to remind fans of their fallen captain, Dandy was confined to the upper deck of Yankee Stadium until his retirement in 1981.

The Gold Sox Sock (Amarillo Gold Sox)

The Gold Sox Sock made its debut this past summer. He was temporarily retired after just one game so his costume could be redesigned. I’m guessing this one looked better on paper.

The Baseball Bug (Cleveland Indians)

The Baseball Bug roamed Municipal Stadium from 1980 to 1981, when he was retired for no real reason beyond being a pretty horrible mascot. Luckily for the Indians, they now have a much better mascot named Slider. Yeah… Slider is better.

The Crazy Crab (San Francisco Giants)

The Crazy Crab was introduced in 1984 and retired at the end of that same season. He was seemingly doomed from the start when Giants’ executives encouraged the fans to abuse the Crab. The fans took this encouragement to heart and pelted him with refuse to the point that the costume had to be reinforced with fiberglass to protect the performer inside.

Henry the Puffy Taco (San Antonio Missions)

Henry is actually not a failed mascot, but he probably should be. Sure, everyone loves tacos, but a taco and its ingredients should never be described as “puffy.”

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