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Will the Cubs Give MLB its First Female GM?

September 1, 2011 – Robbie Clark

Back in March, I wrote an article about Kim Ng and her continuing quest to become MLB’s first female general manager. Now it looks as though that quest could soon be coming to an end. Bleacher Nation reports that Ng’s name has been floated in the discussion for the Cubs new GM (along with Dan Evans and Ned Colletti). And while the Cubs are still in the early stages of their GM search, Ng could be a legitimate candidate for the job.

Ng is no stranger to MLB front offices and she is highly thought of in executive circles. She became assistant GM of the New York Yankees in 1998, and following the 2001 season made the lateral transfer to become assistant GM of the Dodgers, where she served until this March before leaving to work as a Senior VP of Baseball Operations for the Commissioner’s Office. In total, Ng has served as an assistant GM at the major league level for 13 full seasons. During her time with the Dodgers Ng handled all of the arbitration cases, many of the minor league free-agent signings, and maintained the club’s compliance with MLB’s rules for roster management and player eligibility.

During Ng’s time with the Dodgers there were two GM changes, once before the 2004 season, and again at the end of the 2005 season. In both of these instances the Dodgers went outside the organization to fill the position, despite the fact that Ng interviewed for the opening in 2005 before ultimately being passed over in favor of Ned Colletti, who at the time served as assistant GM for the San Francisco Giants. Since then Ng has interviewed for two other GM positions: once in 2008 with the Seattle Mariners and again in 2009 with the San Diego Padres. When Ng left the Dodgers to work for the Commissioner’s Office this year she maintained that her ultimate goal is to someday be a GM, and sees her position as Senior VP of Baseball Operations as an asset that will make her a more well-rounded GM candidate.

Perhaps the Cubs will finally make Ng’s dream a reality, and at the same time shatter the long-standing glass ceiling that has insulated MLB’s fraternity of exclusively male GMs.

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