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Yankees Pissed Off At StubHub Ticket Vendor

April 25, 2012 – The Dugout Doctors

The New York Yankees are involved in a strange battle with the official MLB ticket vendor StubHub over the price being set for tickets at Yankees games.

For those of you not familiar with StubHub the site allows fans to not only buy tickets, but also sell tickets to any of the MLB team games.

But for the past few years, the cheapest unwanted Yankee tickets have been reselling on StubHub at just a few dollars apiece, and sources say the team isn’t happy.

For instance, right now there are 7,184 tickets listed on StubHub for next Monday night’s game against the Baltimore Orioles, with prices starting at just $3 — less than the price of a beer.

If fans went to the Stadium box office or to, the team’s official site, those seats would cost $15.20 apiece.

The Yankees are threatening to end their participation in the MLB agreement with StubHub if the website doesn’t incorporate a minimum floor price on the Yankees tickets being sold. It sounds strange, given that the tickets wouldn’t be for sale that low if the market demand was higher, which is just a basic economic principle. However the Yankees real issue is that they are selling tickets on their website for $15 a pop, the same site where they currently have a link to StubHub as part of the MLB agreement where fans can get those same tickets for only a quarter of the price.

Understandable, but then again, memo to Yankees: Your ticket prices may just be ‘too damn high’….just like the rent.




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