Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Conor McGregor Announces He’s Not Retired

Conor McGregor Announces He’s Not Retired

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It has only been a few days since Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight champion Conor McGregor took to twitter to “imply” he was retiring and now McGregor is back in the spotlight announcing that he is not only NOT retiring but that he is also ready to fight at UFC 200

In a Facebook post on his official page, McGregor explained he got “lost” in the sport’s promotional duties and forgot about the art of fighting. He ended his post with “I am not retired”:

Just hours after UFC president Dana White had pulled McGregor from the UFC 200 card because he wouldn’t promote the fight, McGregor had implied he was retiring. Now, his latest facebook post, suggests that he was unhappy with the hectic promotional schedule and instead wanted to concentrate on his training.

McGregor is now hoping that his help in promoting UFC, $400 million worth of help, will justify reinstating him on the UFC 200 card, but unfortunately for him Dana White doesn’t see it that way.

On Wednesday, White, while appearing on Fox’s UFC Tonight, addressed the possible return of McGregor returning to the UFC 200 card for a rematch against Diaz and said the window for that was “pretty much closed.”

It isn’t about whether or not Conor McGregor is fighting at UFC 200 because it’s been announced that he’s not fighting. The big question is if he’s retired because if he is, that belt is vacant and they will fight for the title.

Friday is not the first day of promotion. All of the fighters are here right now. Ten million dollars is going to be spent on promotion and the commercial alone is going to cost $1 million. He’s already missing stuff so the window is pretty much closed.

Now the question remains, where do they go from here?

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