Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Conor McGregor Pulled from UFC 200 and Retiring?

Conor McGregor Pulled from UFC 200 and Retiring?

Conor McGregor

According to president Dana White the UFC 200 main event between champion Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz is off.

White announced Mcgregor was pulled from a rematch with Diaz this July in Las Vegas after failing to agree to some of the required promotion for the event.

Earlier today, Conor McGregor sent out a cryptic tweet implying that he was now retiring from MMA.

His coach, John Kavanagh, also implied via twitter that McGregor was retiring:

In the mean time, Dana White said he had been in communication with McGregor’s management but could not speak on McGregor’s future, other than his status at UFC 200.

“We pulled Conor McGregor from UFC 200 and we’re working on other fights right now,” White said. “Conor did not want to come to Las Vegas and film the commercial and be a part of the marketing. He’s in Iceland training.

“Is Conor retiring? Only he can answer that question. I don’t know.”

White went on to say the UFC still has a “good relationship” with McGregor and that he “respects Conor as a fighter” but added that promotional obligations are mandatory.

Should Conor McGregor retire now at the age of 27, his UFC record would be 7-1. He set a record at UFC 194 for the quickest finish in a title fight, knocking out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds and suffered his first career fight was against Diaz at UFC 196. McGregor and Diaz were scheduled to rematch this summer at UFC 200.

McGregor’s retirement tweet was posted just one week after Joao Carvalho died from injuries suffered during a fight earlier this month, a fight he attended. He posted the following message last week on Facebook:

“To see a young man doing what he loves, competing for a chance at a better life, and then to have it taken away is truly heartbreaking.”

Could this be what led McGregor to announce his retirement or was being removed from UFC 200 and fighting Diaz this summer the reason behind the tweet? Will McGregor really hang it up? Only time will tell.

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