Friday 12th February 2016,

James Toney Already MMA’s Best Trash Talker

James Toney has yet to don the 4-ounce gloves and do battle inside the cage, but he’s a champion when it comes to talking trash.

Ariel Helwani recently spoke with a rather plump-looking Toney before UFC 116 and Toney let fly with some great trash talk and even better one-liners. All those years in boxing have served him well. He talks some sweet trash about MMA and Randy Couture.


“James Toney is James Toney.” Profound.
“Tune in August 28th, pay your $59.95 and find out how much I know.” We will.
“A guy with 12 losses is a legend. Ain’t that a bitch?” Randy Couture, 5-time UFC champ, still fighting at age 47.
On David Haye: “He’s gay”. Always a good comeback.
and last but not least:
“Man, the only freakshow I got is between my legs.” Too much information.



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  • Xeonon

    Absolutely cannot wait to see this fight

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