Tuesday 19th February 2019,

MMA Fighter Emanuel Newton Says Pre-Fight Sex To Blame For Loss

Emanuel Newton

Former Bellator light heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton says that having sex before his most recent fight is partially to blame for his loss. At least that’s the reason he’s giving for losing to Phil Davis last September. Fighters explaining reasons for a loss is commonplace in the MMA, but this might be a new one though.

Newton, who suffered a rib injury during the match against Davis told MMAjunkie.com how having sex earlier in the day affected his performance.

“I had sex like three or four hours before the fight, which was stupid. Once again, I was getting caught up in that (mentality that) certain things couldn’t touch me when I have to understand that I am human and I do have to train hard and I can’t be going out and making stupid mistakes. Then the first takedown of the fight that Phil got on me, I popped my rib. It just wasn’t meant for me to win that fight because I learned so much.”

“(Having sex) definitely took away my hips. My trainer Antonio (McKee), even the day before when we were doing the open workouts I was kicking him off his feet with spinning back kicks. The first takedown Phil got on me was when I threw a spinning back kick and he powered through it and he got that body lock and that’s when I popped my rib. But right when we were warming up my trainer looked at me and said, ‘What happened to that power?’ Lesson learned. It happened for a bigger reason and I did learn a lesson and get a deeper understanding of myself.”

Emanuel Newton is now getting ready for a fight on February 19. I guess pre-fight sex will be out of the question this time.

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