Wednesday 20th February 2019,

Ronda Rousey Destroys Guy On Ellen


The undefeated UFC superstar, Ronda Rousey, was on Ellen yesterday where she took on Andy Lassner, Ellen’s executive producer. As Rousey lifted him off the ground Lassner let out a very nervous “on no”. Not only did she take him down, she used her famous armbar on him. Unable to break free of Rousey, Lassner eventually had to tap out.

Even though we would all love to see Rousey take on Mayweather, according to Dana White, UFC president, that will never happen. White thinks Rousey would “rag doll” Mayweather. So since we will never have the opportunity to witness that fight, Lassner gave us the next best thing. This video is an exemple

Check out this video to see why so many think Rousey could take on most men.

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