Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Ronda Rousey Is Dating UFC Fighter Travis Browne


Both UFC heavyweight Travis Browne and undefeated bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey have confirmed that they are dating.

“I don’t talk about my personal life much. That’s why it’s called ‘personal life,'” Rousey told ESPN in a statement Monday. “It’s true that Travis and I are in a relationship. I’ve really enjoyed the time we have spent together and getting to know one another. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

Despite confirming their relationship, Travis Browne was not willing to put a label on it.

“Dating is for children. Dating is for kids,” Browne said. “Over the summer, through all the shit that I had to shuffle through, that I had to sift through, Ronda and I started talking throughout the summer and I’ll say now that we are together. She’s my woman and I’m her man. There’s no boyfriend, girlfriend stuff. There’s no dating. We’re together.”

There have been rumors about their relationship since August when Browne’s estranged wife tweeted about it while accusing him of domestic violence. Browne was originally suspended but that was lifted after the investigation failed to produce evidence. He separated from his wife in June.

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