Monday 30th November 2015,

Watch Kimbo Slice’s Suspicious “Knockout” of Brian Green

Kimbo Slice

Dr. Americana – March 25, 2012

Kimbo Slice had a taste of MMA with EliteXC and the UFC, but retired from that sport to focus on a career in boxing. From what I’ve read he’s had some cans put in front of him to boost his record, something not uncommon in boxing. It’s why you see a lot of 50-2 type records.

So while beating up cans isn’t the biggest sin in furthering your boxing career, you’d probably agree that getting someone to take a dive or getting a fight fixed is.

We certainly can’t confirm that what you’re about to see is a fix, or that Slice’s opponent Brian Green took a dive for some dough, but that’s what people around the internet are saying, and it sure looks like Green goes down from a rather slow uppercut. You make the call!

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  • Batman

    Green wasn’t even keeping his hands up… glad I missed that fight.