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World’s Strongest Man to Fight Former UFC Champ

March 1, 2010 – Dr. Americana

Leave it to a man called “Butterbean” to get this fight going. Mariusz Pudzianowski, the world’s strongest man, will take on former UFC heavyweight champ Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass on April 23rd.

Eric “Butterbean” Esch and co-promoter Corey Fischer told the Boston Herald that the bouts will take place under the Korean-based promotion, Moosin, and Pudzianowski vs. Sylvia will headline the event.

This will be the U.S. debut for Pudzianowski, who has won the World’s Strongest Man title a record five times. The 33-year-old made his MMA debut in December and this show will mark his U.S. debut.

Fischer said that former UFC fighters Rich Clementi, Yves Edwards and Houston Alexander will also fight on the card. But one quote by Fischer might be a bit much: “It’ll be on pay-per-view and shown live in Korea, Poland, Canada and about 14 other countries. This will have more viewers than (the UFC’s) show.”

Perhaps in total viewership, but raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of Moosin before reading this or the Herald article. I’m sure Dana White couldn’t care less.

Pudzianowski is no joke and isn’t some sort of novelty act. He dominated in his first fight.

Sylvia is looking to get his career back on track after brutal losses to Ray Mercer, Fedor and Big Nog. He started that process with a KO win over Jason Riley at Adrenaline 4.



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  • nathan

    Would you guys follow MMA if you weren’t able to game digg? Seriously,

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  • DarkSoul

    Silvia is going to be broken in half.

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  • Je

    No Joke? That guy he was fighting was terrible. Sylvia is washed up and he will still crush this guy.

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  • Dan

    Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade, but Pudzianowski fights like a chump. That was the sloppiest win I’ve ever seen; he has no form whatsoever. Sylvia will put him down.

  • whitenight

    What a Joke

    With the rules modified so he cant get smashed to glory, they must of paid masses extra to Tim Sylvia to make it last longer than a minute.

    As a MMA participant for several years and viewer of the same along with UFC an untrained slugger, monster or street fighter, and its been tried before with big mouths being shut down, hasn’t got a chance in any way whatsoever.
    If Tim doesn’t knock him out he’ll go to ground with the big fellow and tap him out.

  • SteveTibor

    I want to see this LIVE ! Pudzian is very strong of course, but would it be smart in only his 2nd fight to put him against a former UFC champ ? It will be a test of skill for Pudzian.

  • PLBonecrasherPL

    Mariusz “Dominator” Pudzianowski Jest mistrzem!!! He’s great becouse he’s from Poland ;p;p If you have reservation it’s your problem;p

  • (o_|_/o)

    Just because you are strong,doesn’t mean you can fight.

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  • wormer

    It wont be Pudzian’s second fight – before Silvia, he is going to fight some japanese dude on 7th of May. So Silvia will be third.

  • vincent

    hahaha i will mix this guy he nothing u see me im guns all guns nothing thats how i do

  • matt

    your fake!!!!

  • lex eyre

    id want to see that manny pacquiao guy fight this one. lol xD

  • offia cyril

    i want pudzianowski to win this fourth-coming match for he has what it takes to win.