Sunday 19th May 2019,

Tiger Woods Says Recovery Will Be ‘Long And Tedious’


Tiger Woods who had a second back surgery just a month ago has not yet started rehabilitation for his injury. On Tuesday he announced that the process will be ‘long and tedious’ and that it might be a while before he competes again.

The last time Tiger Woods played was at the Wyndham Champion on Aug. 23, where he tied for 10th, his best finish at a PGA Tour event in nearly two years.

Back in September, Tiger Woods surprised everyone by announcing he had just undergone a second back surgery after doctors discovered, during a routine exam, that a fragmented disc was pinching a nerve. His first surgery was right before the Masters.

”Rehab will be soon, and it will be tedious and long,” Woods said at the Bridgestone America’s Golf Cup, an exhibition he was supposed to play with Matt Kuchar until the second surgery. ”The last one, it took me awhile to get back. Some players on tour have done the same procedure and to be back pain-free it took them over a year.”

For most of his career Tiger Woods has been compared to Jack Nicklaus who has won 18 professional majors, but Woods, who has won 14 majors to date, has not won since the 2013 Bridgestone Invitational. Tiger Woods will be 40 in December and it should be noted that Nicklaus only won 3 majors after he turned 40, making Woods attempt at beating his record extremely difficult, if not impossible especially since he is trying to recover from two back surgeries. But Woods, who dropped to No. 334 in the world ranking this week, has not given up on catching Nicklaus.

”It’s important for me to have more than 18 majors when all is said and done,” Woods said. ”It took Jack his whole career to achieve it and mine is not done yet. I believe that I have a very good record for 20 years on the tour. The main thing is to get fit and to reach my 40s with good health to be as successful as Vijay, who won most of his tournaments at that age.

”It’s something that I hope I will be able to do,” he said. ”I want to play at an elite level with the new kids for a long, long time.”

”But to achieve it, I need to be healthy again,” he said. ”This year I tried to play after the back surgery and it wasn’t fun because all of the pain. Also after my last surgery, I was changing my swing and to be able to do that successfully you have to practice a lot, and I could not practice because I was doing the rehab.

”It was a very complicated situation because of that.”

There was no timetable on when he would start rehabilitation or when he would return.

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