Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Tiger Woods Writes Letter to Young Boy Being Bullied

tigerstutter5Amid all the rumors once again of Tiger Woods’ infidelity, this time to his most recent girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, there is actually a good news story about Tiger worth mentioning.

After hearing the story on Golf Digest of ‘Dillon’, a 12 year old golf and Tiger fan who is struggling with being bullied because of his stutter, and even attempted suicide, Tiger Woods personally went out of his way to track down Dillon’s address and went out of his way to reply with an emotional letter to the the young boy.

Tiger had a connection to the boy’s story not just because he was often an outsider growing up around golf due to the color of his skin, but also because he himself had a stutter as a child and was bullied because of it.

Give the letter to the boy a read, it will remind you that although Tiger has flaws like everyone else, he is still a human being and capable of great things with his fame…


[H/T – Golf Digest]

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