Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Lionel Messi Wants To Meet Afghan Boy In Plastic Bag Jersey


According to Kabul’s football federation Barcelona star Lionel Messi would like to arrange a meeting with the Afghan boy who was pictured wearing a makeshift striped plastic bag jersey.

Five-year-old Myrtaza Ahmadi is a huge fan of the soccer star but his family does not have the means to buy him a jersey of his idol so his older brother took a white and blue plastic bag and wrote the star’s name in marker across the front.


Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father, told AFP that the footballer was aware of the photos that made waves on social media and “wants to do something” for his young fan.

“Messi has been in communication with the federation to set up a meeting with the young boy,” AFF spokesman Sayed Ali Kazemi told AFP.

“We are working to see whether Messi will come to Afghanistan or the five-year-old will travel to Spain or they will meet in a third country.”

Arranging a meeting in Afghanistan will not be easy due to all the security challenges, but the Spanish embassy in Kabul has said it would do whatever it could in order to facilitate a meeting in a European destination.

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