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Major League Soccer: Minimum salaries rise

Major League Soccer: Minimum salaries rise

The Major League Soccer has been trying to establish itself amongst the top footballing leagues in the world for the last decade now. They have been signing some marquee players over the years from the best clubs of the world. Despite the less amounts of funds available, the MLS has tried its level best to attract foreign players from the top leagues of the planet.

Despite the efforts, the MLS has not quite achieved the fan base of its European counterparts. Soccer in United States of America is slowly but surely gaining popularity and followers of the sport as well as betting enthusiasts have found solace in the MLS. If you are a betting enthusiast, you can now get the latest insights and the best odds for the MLS by checking out the linked-to page. These online portals help you keep in touch with the latest news and allow you access to the latest odds and books from all across the country.

Hike in minimum salary cap

The MLS has made a new deal which helps raise the league’s salary cap. The league is evolving step by step and this minimum salary deal will surely be a big step towards the Major League Soccer becoming one of the best leagues of the world. This deal raises the minimum salary cap from $8.5 million to $11.6 million. The financial restraints have slowed down the progress of the MLS over the years. The new deal is a massive step up for the MLS, and will help the MLS outgrow its opponents. This new deal runs till the 2024 season if all goes well between the league’s board and the union members.

Hike in players’ salary

The MLS players salary cap for its senior players was $70,250 last season. With the new deal in motion, the players salary cap will rise to $109,200 by 2024. The players will enjoy increments up to forty thousand. Each team’s senior roster has eighteen to twenty players and their minimum rises to $81,375 this year. Each team has around eight players on the reserve roster, and their minimum rises to $63,547 this season.

What else is new?

Players under the age of 24 having played at least four years in the MLS will be eligible to be free agents. The minimum age was 28 years earlier, with the minimum experience for free agency being eight years of service.
The MLS clubs will be allowed to sign as many as three players who are 22 years or even younger next year onwards. The clubs will be allowed to sign these players on a reduced budget charge.

Under the new deal, the teams would be going on charter flights for eight legs this year, this figure is expected to rise to sixteen by the year 2024. The MLS allowed the right to use only four chartered flights under the expired deal. The teams will also use charters for all the post season matches as well as the COCACAF Champions league matches, which include international travelling.

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