Monday 17th December 2018,

Turkish Football Player Kicks Opponent In The Face

Turkey kicked an opponent in the face

This has to be one of the most deplorable things you’ll ever see on the soccer field. During an amateur match between Dallıcaspor and Sanayispor in Turkey a player violently kicked an opponent in the face after he had been ejected from the game. The Dallıcaspor player was laying on the ground when the ejected player walked over and kicked him in the face.

From Daily Sabah:

Sanayispor player Mehmet Değirmenci deliberately tackled his opponent Kayhan Karakaş from Dallıcaspor after a strong shoulder charge. As his action received a red card from the referee, the player turned back to his opponent, already lying on the ground with pain, and kicked him in the face.

Mehmet Değirmenci is the one who kicked Kayhan Karakaş. Karakas said he blacked out from the kick and pressed charges for “attempted manslaughter.” He received nine stitches from the incident and “was lucky” the kick caught him in the jaw and not the temple, or he could have died.

Değirmenci was escorted from the field and was lucky to escape injury himself as all hell broke loose. He has now been sacked by the club.

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