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2020-21 NBA Power Rankings: Lakers Lead Week 4

2020-21 NBA Power Rankings: Lakers Lead Week 4

The 2020-21 NBA regular season rolled out last December 22, 2020. It will last until July 2021, including the playoffs and all major conference match-ups. As part of the NBA format changes last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will only be 72 games that cover the regular season, and the playoffs will run for two months.

As the NBA season comes on its fourth week, the teams representing both the Eastern and Western Conference are now naming their top teams. Remember that it’s still the first half of the regular season, and as early as now, teams that might dominate the whole league can’t be identified just yet.

With fifteen teams representing both the conferences, ten of these groups have started the 2020-21 NBA season strong. Will these teams continue to soar high and maintain a winning streak to clinch this year’s title? Or other groups can scratch them off from the ranking?

Let’s meet the current top ten NBA teams and their FanDuel’s odds as we take the 4th week of NBA playoffs.

LA Lakers

The Lakers are the current 2020 NBA champs, which are headed by Frank Vogel. Representing the Pacific Division in the Western Conference, the Lakers are still on the top of their game as the regular season starts. They currently have eight wins and three losses and are on their way to defend their title this year.

Boston Celtics

Currently garnering seven wins and three losses, the Celtics are topping the Eastern Conference playoffs in today’s NBA season. Last year, they vied for a slot in the finals where they faced the Miami Heat in the Conference play-ins. However, the Heat was so hot that the Celtics got burned, but they might make miracles this year for a huge comeback.

Milwaukee Bucks

Last year, the Milwaukee Bucks came out as one of the strongest contenders in the NBA postseason. They got a chance to clash with the Heat during the Conference Semifinals, but the odds were not in their favor. This year, they sit next to the Celtics as the regular NBA season starts with seven wins and four losses.

LA Clippers

The Clippers sit next to the Lakers in the Western Conference with seven wins and four losses. This team was one of the underdogs last season but has managed to stay tough. During the semis, they faced the Nuggets, which stopped their dominance. If this team continues to soar high this season, the NBA community should watch out for them.

Philadelphia 76ers

During the NBA postseason last year, the 76ers had to accept a tough defeat after not garnering any victories. The Celtics were responsible for the team’s biggest defeat as they got easily eliminated from the play-ins. Today, the 76ers are on seven wins and four losses, which lies on the 5th rank for the current season.

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns are making a comeback this year after not getting any slot in last year’s postseason slate. They got their last NBA title in 1993. However, this might be the year of other Suns as they currently earned seven wins and four losses as the regular season opens. If they continue to win in their next games, they might nail a big comeback.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers presently record six wins and four losses in the 2020-21 NBA regular season, which helps to get in today’s ranking. The same with the 76ers, the Pacers never appeared last year in the postseason. This team is one of those basketball groups who’s still looking for their first NBA title.

Utah Jazz

This year’s NBA season is probably for underdogs as Utah Jazz joins the top-performing teams’ list after the league opened last month. They currently generated six wins and four losses and are heading for more victories as the playoffs continue.

Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers got their last championship title in 1997 and was also eliminated in last year’s postseason. Today, it seems that they are making a comeback after dominating the opening games in today’s season. They currently got six wins and four losses.

Orlando Magic

Filling-up the final slot for this year’s NBA regular season ranking is the Orlando Magic. They presently got six wins and five losses and have surpassed the Heat’s number of victories in the Eastern Conference.


After an impressive NBA postseason culminating event last year where the LA Lakers earned the championship title, the league has opened the newest season for this year. Looking into the current rankings, it seems that the biggest underdogs are making a huge comeback this season. Will these teams maintain their current ranking as the season progresses, or will they slack-off instead?

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