Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Drummond Gets Dunked on Twice in Drew League

andre drummond

Andre Drummond recorded 27 points and 18 rebounds in Drew League action on Sunday, but all anyone can remember is how he got dunked on, not once but TWICE.

Drummond, who just completed his first All-Star season, was playing in the Drew League yesterday where he presumably has a target on his chest for all dunkers, pro and amateur.

First he missed a block attempt on former Nebraska Cornhusker Sek Henry who threw down a massive tomahawk. If that wasn’t bad enough, Darnell Shumpert of the D-League elevated quickly from the right side of the painted area and threw in a two-hand slam before Drummond could put up a defense.

Despite his team losing 84-70 and being on the wrong end of two huge dunks, Drummond was a good sport about it:


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