Monday 18th February 2019,

Griffin Hurts Hand Punching Staffer

Blake Griffin

Yes you read that headline correctly, apparently Blake Griffin’s recent hand injury, the one keeping him out of the Clippers current road trip, is a result of punching a member of the Clippers equipment staff after an argument.

According to ESPN Reporter Michael Eaves,”…Griffin and the equipment staffer got into an argument in a restaurant during the team’s trip to Toronto. Griffin hit the man, who then left the restaurant and went outside. Griffin followed him outside and hit him again.”

Griffin must have just watched Apollo with some teammates on their road trip in Toronto.

According to Stein, Griffin suffered a right hand fracture in the incident.

Could this have led to the now infamous scuffle…

Here is behind the scenes footage of the incident…

All joking aside, Blake Griffin should be reprimanded for this incident. He showed a lack of respect for his teammates by comprising his ability to be on the court with them on this important road trip.

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