Monday 19th November 2018,

Boston Celtics Team Plane Received Bomb Threat on way to Oklahoma City

Boston Celtics Team Plane Received Bomb Threat on way to Oklahoma City

boston-celtics bomb threat

According to a report from Reporter Jay King, the Celtics team plane received a bomb threat on their trip to Oklahoma City for a game against the Thunder on Sunday.

The team became aware of the threat during their flight Saturday night, but landed safely in Oklahoma City before losing a tight one to the Thunder 99-96.

Although no suspicious packages surfaced and no suspicious activity happened beyond the call, King still described the nerves of the team on the flight after receiving the threat. Here are a few excerpts from King’s story:

“The Celtics became aware of the threat during the flight, but were still able to proceed to Oklahoma City as planned,” King wrote. “After landing, the proper steps were taken to ensure the safety of everyone on the aircraft. A search of the plane and luggage turned up nothing ominous, according to the Celtics spokesman, and the players, coaches and staffers were taken off the plane by a bus.”

“Someone on the flight described the scene as ‘nerve-wracking,’ ‘crazy’ and ‘certainly not something you anticipate.’ After about 15 or 20 minutes at the fire department, the Celtics were transported safely to the team hotel.”

Although nothing occurred thankfully, the FBI is still investigating the situation and players and coaches shared their feelings:

Gerald Green didn’t mince his words when sharing his thoughts on the situation:

Here’s to hoping that is the last situation like this this season.

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