Monday 18th February 2019,

Bulls, Wade Reach Buyout Agreement

Bulls, Wade Reach Buyout Agreement

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We all knew Dwyane Wade wouldn’t be a Chicago Bull too much longer, it made little sense for the 35-year-old veteran to play and act as the centerpiece for a team in the midst of a massive rebuild.

Wade and the Bulls agreed to a buyout for the final year and $23.8 million of his contract over the weekend, as Wade agreed to take $8 million less than he would have been owed by the Bulls in order to facilitate a buyout.

According to the all powerful Woj, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN of course, here are the front runners to reach an agreement with Wade for the upcoming season:

According to NBA cap analyst and former front office person Bobby Marks, this is what each of these teams can offer Wade:

Considering that Dwyane Wade would only be making a one-year agreement, the Cavaliers seem to be the far and away favorite to land Wade because of his relationship with LeBron James and assumed desire to compete for another NBA title.

The Heat have some interest, but the homecoming would make little sense as it would be awkward for Wade to return to the organization and not be the focal point of the offense which Goran Dragic should be and has excelled as since Wade’s departure.

OKC is a contender with plenty of talent, but Wade would not mesh with Russell Westbrook and if he is going to join a contender to win a title it is really hard to imagine him spurning LeBron to join the Thunder.

The Spurs are looming and may actually make the most sense from a roster need wise and he would likely have the biggest role in San Antonio, but once again it is hard to imagine him choosing his old NBA Finals rival over a reunion for a season with LeBron.

Expect Wade to be on another roster within the next week.

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