Wednesday 19th December 2018,

Cavs Coach David Blatt Compares Spurs’ Boris Diaw to David Bowie

boris diaw

David Blatt is at it again.

No, the Cleveland Cavaliers head honcho isn’t spouting fighter-pilot analogies. He is, however, comparing San Antonio Spurs jack of all tradesman Boris Diaw to English singer and songwriter David Bowie, who just passed away on Jan. 10.

From Fran Blinebury of

Pretty sure this is a compliment.

It has to be a compliment.

Is it a compliment?

Shit if I know.

It is accurate, though. Both Bowie and Diaw reinvented themselves ten times over—Bowie as a musician and persona, Diaw as a basketball player.

The Cavaliers and Spurs square off against each other on Thursday night, so Blatt will have an opportunity to witness the latest, ever-inventive version of Diaw firsthand.

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