Thursday 13th December 2018,

Clippers’ Austin Rivers Fined $25k For Throwing Seat Cushion


The league announced on Thursday that Los Angeles Clippers guard Austin Rivers was fined $25,000 by the NBA for throwing a seat cushion into the stands at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento on Wednesday night. Whether or not he meant to hurt someone is irrelevant.

Austin Rivers, son of Clippers Doc Rivers can be seen on video footage throwing a seat cushion into the stands out of frustration during the fourth quarter. He clearly had no intention of striking someone in the stands but unfortunately that’s exactly what happened. The woman who was tended to by Clippers security has experienced discomfort in at least one of her eyes.

Austin Rivers has since apologized to the woman for his actions and explained what happened

“It was not my intention to hurt any fan. No fan should go to the game and have to worry about something hitting them in the face,” Rivers said.

“She was very nice about it. The bottom line was, it was an accident. I didn’t throw anything at anybody. Throwing something and hitting something that went somewhere are two different things. I try to stay clear of things like this. I mean, this fine was more than what I got for being ejected from a game two years ago.”

“The pillow was light and it just flew into the air backwards. I didn’t really look when it went into the crowd,” Rivers said at his locker before the Clippers’ home opener Thursday against the Dallas Mavericks. “I actually stood up for a second and I was like, ‘I apologize. I didn’t mean to do that.’

“I tried to tell the NBA that,” he added. “This has never happened before with me. I don’t have a history of throwing things. It’s unfortunate, but you just learn your lesson not to take your anger out on anything. I told the NBA that I apologize and that it will never happen again.”

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