Monday 12th November 2018,

Los Angeles Clippers Hired Kevin Garnett as a Team Consultant

Los Angeles Clippers Hired Kevin Garnett as a Team Consultant

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Kevin Garnett is back in the NBA.

To consult with the Los Angeles Clippers.

KG was spotted at Clippers practice on Tuesday, working with big man DeAndre Jordan, per Bleacher Report’s Josh Martin:

Rowan Kavner has the official details over at

Garnett helped the Clippers at training camp earlier this season, offering tips to Blake Griffin, rookies Brice Johnson and Diamond Stone and others. Four months later, “The Big Ticket” was back giving advice to the Clippers, providing pre-practice tips in the post to DeAndre Jordan, something that will happen more often going forward.

“He’s hired in here as a consultant, so I’m sure he’ll be in and out when it presents itself for him to work with our guys,” said assistant coach Mike Woodson. “I think when he’s here, it’s important for our bigs to take advantage of him being out here on the floor, because he brings so much to the table and has so much to offer for the game of basketball.”

There is real value in having Garnett whispering (screaming?) sweet somethings into the ears of those around him. Just ask the Minnesota Timberwolves’ kiddies, who have imploded on the defensive end since he left them for the comfy confines of retirement/consultation services.

There’s no word whether the Clippers have an exclusive agreement with Garnett or anything. I’m guessing they don’t. He’s been spotted elsewhere this season—with the Milwaukee Bucks, for instance—and Tom Thibodeau spent all of last year working with a bunch of teams before setting up shop in Minnesota. Consultants are most likely non-exclusive freelancers.

Anyhow, here’s to Garnett being at more Clippers’ practices, where he and Chris Paul will presumably engage in daily “Who can make DeAndre Jordan cry first?” competitions.

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