Wednesday 16th January 2019,

Derrick Rose Testifies at Rape Trial

Derrick Rose Testifies at Rape Trial

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Opening statements have begun in the lawsuit filed against Derrick Rose.

The victim has claimed she was either drugged or had drunkenly passed out before the sexual encounters at her apartment in August 2013, a “classic gang rape.” Rose, on the other hand, has never shown remorse and even went so far as to tell Knicks President Phil Jackson that he’d lost no sleep over the matter.

According to Rose’s lawyer, the woman gave lap dances earlier by the side of Rose’s pool, performed oral sex on Rose and had sex with his two friends before inviting them back to her apartment.

“There was no gang rape,” attorney Mike Monico said. “There was no rape at all.”

The woman’s attorney claims she was too embarrassed to initially report the incident and that Rose keeping the condom and wrapper after the act was to protect himself by making it seem “like he was never there.” But according to Rose’s lawyer, NBA players are instructed to flush their condoms down the toilet or take them so women can’t use the sperm to impregnate themselves.

During the trial Derrick Rose said he anticipated rape allegations from his ex-girlfriend, the alleged victim.

“It looked like a setup,” Rose testified Tuesday. “It turned out to be what I thought.”

Rose stated he believed his ex was sober at the time even pointing out text messages he received from her later that day. He was also texted earlier in the morning saying that she was “horny,” and that their past interactions gave him the impression that she wanted to have intercourse.

A mistrial was also requested by Rose’s lawyer because several text messages were not brought to their attention until Friday, all of which are vital to the case.

Should that happen, a new trial would be pushed to next year.

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