Tuesday 22nd January 2019,

Dwyane Wade Jumps On Stage With Vanilla Ice

Dwyane Wade Jumps On Stage With Vanilla Ice

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Who would have thought that Vanilla Ice was still performing in front of crowds? Well he is.

Miami Heat held their 19th Annual Family Festival at the American Airlines Arena on Sunday and Dwyane Wade jumped on stage with Vanilla Ice during his performance of “Ice Ice Baby.”

Interestingly enough Wade was only 8 when the song came out and some of his teammates were not even born.

The festival raised more than $610,000 to benefit local South Florida charities and the Miami Heat Charitable fund.

“It’s a great day,” Riley said. “Raising the money we did today, all the fans. We had 1,500 people here.

“The Family Festival is really about family and it’s an embodiment of I think what the Heat organization is about. It’s not just a perception. It’s a reality. And it rolls over into our season ticket holders and our fans and their children. This is how you build the next generation. I don’t know what they’re going to call them, the Millenial Xs or whatever, but we’re building that. It’s just a great day and it raised a lot of money for a great cause.”

H/T Miami Herald

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