Friday 15th February 2019,

James Worthy Says Lakers Haven’t Had Lonzo Ball’s Talent ‘Really Since’ Magic Johnson

James Worthy Says Lakers Haven’t Had Lonzo Ball’s Talent ‘Really Since’ Magic Johnson

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James Worthy has set a demonstratively high bar for Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

TMZ caught up with the Hall of Famer and Lakers legend, and they asked him about young Lonzo, because why the frick not? It’s August. What else are they supposed to ask him about.

Anywho, his take on Lonzo? He thinks the point guard is going to be Magic. Literally, Magic Johnson:

“He enhances everybody on the court. We haven’t had someone with that type of talent really since Magic.”

No pressure though, Lonzo.

Worthy, to his credit, isn’t along in his hype. Not everyone is comparing him to one of the 10 best players of all time, but those within Los Angeles, along without outside Lakers country, are abuzz with Ball’s potential. Even people who are worried about his wonky jump-shooting form cannot help but be intrigued by how infectious his selflessness on the basketball court can be. He’s always looking up the floor, always trying to find teammates. The assumption is that guys will cut harder, run the floor more frequently and remain more engaged overall when playing beside him because they’ll feel and be involved one way or another.

Think Jason Kidd meets Manu Ginobili meets, apparently, Magic Johnson. Or something.

Whatever and whomever you see in Ball, just know that his rookie year figures to be among the most interesting ever. Not only is he being trumpeted up by a ton of people, but he marks a new era in Lakers basketball with Magic and Rob Pelinka at the helm. Beyond that, his dad, LaVar Ball, has a knack for hoarding headlines and capturing attention. Bake all this together, and you get one hell of an inaugural go-round. Now we just have to see how Lonzo responds.

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