Monday 17th December 2018,

JR Smith is Selling Tees of his Tatted Body

JR Smith

Looks like JR Smith is cashing in on all the hype surrounding him walking around shirtless every since he won the 2016 NBA Finals.

Smith shirtless body was plastered all over the internet after his championship title and a Cleveland based clothing company grasped the opportunity to cash in on the topless attention. A mock up of what the shirt would have looked like was posted on twitter and went viral.

“People were talking about how he didn’t have his shirt on in Las Vegas, and then he comes off the plane with no shirt and social media explodes,” said Andrew Hoenig, co-founder of New Generation. “And it continues when he doesn’t wear a shirt to the parade, and then Obama calls him out. So there’s no argument that J.R.’s shirtless streak isn’t a part of this championship story.”

Tony Madalone of Fresh Brewed Tees agrees and commissioned replicas of Smith’s upper body for shirts. Needing to continue the buzz as the competition aimed to cut in on his share of the market, he worked quickly.

By 11 p.m. on Friday night, Madalone was at JR Smith’s house taking pictures of his chest and back so that he could produce a high-quality shirt featuring all the details of his tattoos.

In less than 24 hours they had sold over 1,000 units for $35 a pop.

In an effort to avoid trademark infringement, two of JR’s tattoos were slightly altered, the Jordan Jumpman logo on Smith’s chest and the New Jersey Devils logo next.

Will Smith comply with Obama’s request and wear this t-shirt to the White House?

JR Smith Tee


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