Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Wearing a Ski Mask JR Smith Pleads Ignorance

Wearing a Ski Mask JR Smith Pleads Ignorance


Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers’ lost and while J.R. Smith’s “gaffe” wasn’t the reason they did, it certainly didn’t help.

J.R. suffered a massive brain fart, letting Tony Snell score an uncontested layup after leaving the court to hug his friend Jason Terry. The Bucks were setting up for an inbound play when Smith saw Jason Terry on the Bucks’ bench and went over to hug him and say hello. Tony Snell, the man he was supposed to be guarding, seemed surprised and clapped for the ball immediately. Matthew Dellavedova passed to him and the Bucks got an easy dunk while Shumpert and Thompson stood on the court staring in disbelief.

After the game, Smith donned a ski mask and played coy with reporters, stating that he didn’t realize he was even in the game at the time. Obviously he knew he screwed up and just didn’t want to speak about it but his response to losing his man on defense while speaking to Jason Terry may actually be better than the play itself.

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