Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

LeBron James’ Relationship With Cavaliers Social Media is…Complicated

LeBron James’ Relationship With Cavaliers Social Media is…Complicated


LeBron James is as calculated as they come, which is why what follows is so damn weird.

Twitter user @kanyecobain posted a screenshot of a test he ran using on Monday that not only revealed LeBron unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers on Twitter (and Instagram), but that he unfollowed them that very day:

Kenny Ducey of verified the findings.

LeBron was also asked about this, um, ordeal. He decided not to offer a response:

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And it gets weirder:

There is probably a very reasonable explanation for all of this. I think. Maybe.

Okay, I’m not really sure.

It’s pretty common knowledge that LeBron James does everything for a reason, and that he isn’t above playing with the media and public at large. But it’s difficult to even speculate what the point of all this would be.

Even if it was a practical joke, there’s no way it’s worth the headache it has since undoubtedly caused him. And wouldn’t he have admitted if it was a practical joke by now? LeBron James appeared genuinely caught off guard in the above video, which sort of makes you think—well, I don’t know what it makes you think.

This whole thing is bizarre and stupid and petty and probably irrelevant and at the same time super important. If there’s anything we can say without absolute certainty, though, it’s that LeBron’s foray into social media theatrics—assuming it was, of course, him who unfollowed the Cavaliers—most definitely doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving Cleveland to return to the Miami Heat in free agency.

Actually, we can’t say that without absolute certainty. More like 95 percent certainty—which, ya know, is still something.

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