Wednesday 16th January 2019,

Pau Gasol is Preparing Himself for Zika Virus in Rio

Gasol Spain

As I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of times by now there are a number of real and legitimate concern many athletes are faced with as they consider participating in the summer Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro this summer, one of which is the Zika virus.

This is a virus that is spread by the Zika mosquito, which is native in South America, and can be transfered through a mosquito bite.

Although the World Health Organization says the virus is not a huge concern and shouldn’t necessitate the Olympic games being postponed, moved or cancelled, it is still a concern for athletes deciding if they can compete because it can lead to rash, fever, red eyes and flu like symptoms for a few days to a week.

The biggest concern associated with the Zika virus though is the possibility that someone carrying it could lead to birth defects in their child.

Pau Gasol is fully aware of this risk and obviously plans to do some baby making in his future so he has decided to prevent that from being an issue for him… by freezing his sperm.

This is a funny and offbeat news story but in all seriousness it’s a smart decision by Gasol considering the potential risks of his participation for the Spanish national team in Brazil.

Plus we wouldn’t want the Zika virus to have any part in denying us the next great generation of eternally scruffy, fundamentally gifted, NBA All-Star caliber Gasol’s do we?

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