Friday 03rd July 2020,

Rick Carlisle: We Don’t Play Hard All of the Time

carlisle1A few weeks ago, Amar’e Stoudemire called out the Mavericks for joking around too much. That should be taken to heart, considering he hasn’t even been there two months.

The Mavs are currently 7th in the West, but even Rick Carlisle is disappointed with the team as well.

“We had to get shots,” Carlisle said of Ellis’ night. “He’s the one guy who can get clean shots. He’s getting good looks. I always believe he’s going to make the next one. My responsibility as a coach is to get shots. We can’t go places where clear shots are not going to be generated.”

He continued: “Look, this is not a Monta Ellis shooting problem. This is a Dallas Maverick hard play problem. We don’t play hard all of the time. That’s the problem. It’s pretty clear that’s where our inconsistency is. That’s where we have to get better. We have to be a more together team. I believe that we can do it. We did it in the second half.”

H/T: Mavs Moneyball

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